Terracotta Hotel & Resort

Phân khu chức năng 7.9, KDL hồ Tuyền Lâm, Phường 3, Tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng, Việt Nam
Price from 1.650.000đ
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About Us

Terracotta Hotel & Resort is surrounded by hills and pine forest, overlooking the shores of the clear and gentle Tuyen Lam lake. It only takes 10 minutes by car from Da Lat City, you will have the opportunity to experience Da Lat which is a romantic but not without comfort, elegance and modernity.

The Western design of Terracotta is in harmony with the nature, covered by green foliage. It makes the resort a quite unique structure. The resort of Terracotta Resort consists of 240 rooms and 21 villas along the lakeside. From the rooms, guests have a panoramic view of the pine forest, the flower garden or the beautiful landscape of Tuyen Lam Lake.

Terracotta is an ideal destination for those who love nature, and wish for a true and smart resort.


-Total room size 35 square metres.

-Rooms are arranged Twin bed for up to 2 adults.

-Spaciously, cozily and luxuriously designed, furnished with facilities which meet the needs of rest and relaxation.

1.650.000đ special price 1.780.000đnormal price


-Total room size 35 square meters.

-Rooms are arranged King or Twin bed for 2 adults.

-In addition to the convenient and luxurious interior, the design is also composed of materials that are in harmony with the nature in a simple and European layout. The paintings or artworks are the highlights for an ideal place to rest and relax.

1.850.000đ special price 1.980.000đnormal price


-Total room size 50 square meters

-Rooms are arranged King or Twin bed for 2 adults.

-With cozy and close space, Deluxe rooms nestle themselves under row of green pines, spreading a spectacular view to Tuyen Lam Lake. Furniture featured by mountain traits, combining with modern amenities all bring a high-class style to you and your family.

2.250.000đ special price 2.380.000đnormal price

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