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Bidoup Nui Ba National Park - The wildlife sanctuary

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park - The wildlife sanctuary

With the area of 63,938 ha, Bidoup is the newest national park in Vietnam that is used for environmental preservation and research, and also eco-tourism.

Situated in Lac Duong and a part of Dam Rong district, Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, which covers the area of 63,398 ha, has varied and multiple-valued natural resources as well as stunning sceneries, especially its streams and waterfalls. Moreover, this is the center of ecological tourism and environment education. 

Breathtaking view in Bidoup

Till now, Vietnam has twenty-eight national park and Nui Ba is one of them. It is in top of 221 natural area in the world where many special kinds of bird inhabites and in top of 4 biological multitype centres of Vietnam. 

Being the place got the most attention in the preservation work, Bidoup - Nui Ba is located in the main range of the South of Truong Son and conducts eco-system preservation activity. 91% of its area covered by forest land with varied fauna and flora. In this place, there are over 1,930 species of plant with 62 precious specicies that have been ranked in Vietnam red-book since 2000.



Various species of plants in Bidoup

One of bird species in Bidoup

Besides animals, Bidoup National Park is also famous for Vietnamese Orchids with multi-types and multi-colours. Thanks to the variety of animals and plants, it has attracted many tourists trekking to discover all the mystery of the nature and eco-system here. This partly supports to the environment protection not only of Vietnam but also of the whole world. 

Dawn in Bidoup

Beautiful nature in Bidoup

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