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Cau Dat Tea Hill - Gift of the Creator

Cau Dat Tea Hill - Gift of the Creator

Cau Dat Tea Hill is a green land in Dalat countryside, where the vast tea fields stretch over the hill, creating an extremely breathtaking natural scenery.

Among the new tourist attractions in Dalat, Cau Dat Tea Hill or Cau Dat Farm gets lots of attention of tourists, especially those who love nature and would like to be harmonious with natural site. 25km away from city center, in the southeast of Dalat, towards Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Cau Dat Farm is a great destination in the countryside and an ideal place for taking lovely photos.

overview of Cau Dat Farm

An overview of Cau Dat Farm

 Cau Dat Farm in the early fog

Tea leaves in the early fog

Located at the height of 1650m above sea level and covering the erea of 230 hecta with high-standard tea trees, the tea hill has been owned by Cau Dat Tea Departments, being the oldest and the most famous land of tea in Dalat. Annually, Cau Dat Farm provides about 300 - 400 tons of tea for both domestic and foreign market. 

Tea harvesting

Tea harvesting in the morning 

The Creator appears to favour Cau Dat Farm when especially creating poetic and lovely scenery for this landscape. Even though in the fog, in the rain or in the sun, Cau Dat tea hill still skeeps its particular splendor, making many people feel peaceful, pleasant and comfortable. 

Cau Dat coffee shop

The container coffee shop in Cau Dat Farm

Recently, it has been investigated to become a tourist area with a nice container coffee shop in the middle of the top hill. Lots of people have gone to Cau Dat Farm in order to hunt beautiful pictures, especially couples those would like impresssive pictures for their weddings. After the apperance of the container cafe, visitors have had a place for resting, talking and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere here. 

View of the container coffee shop in Cau Dat

View from the coffee shop

Inside the container coffee shop

Youngers like taking photos in this coffee shop

Another corner of Cau Dat Farm

Another corner of Cau Dat Farm and the coffee shop

In Cau Dat - Phat Chi, there is also a wine plantation which has been reecently, going to open for sightseeing in the future. It is a good idea to visit Cau Dat Tea and surrounding area once coming to Dalat. 

Source and photos: collected