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Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

Sunny Dalat, rainy Dalat, Da Lat brings us those memorable moments, deep in the cold, it is the warmth, the warmth of a strange voice, deep, inspiring.

Cung To Chieu coffee lies  on a pine hill next to the road to Bao Dai Palace, no way up, no lights on the road, surrounded by cafe is a dark space. No lights that demonstrate where this is a cafe in Dalat, it only small wooden boards "Cung To Chieu" coffee. Its space is quiet, we can hear sounds of insects. This cafe shop is difficult to find, but opening hour is from19h30 to 22h30 p.m,it is too late for a cold city like this.

Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

The space of Cung To Chieu Coffee

In the cafe, there are about 50 seats, between cafe shop is a small stage with a guitar, a small drum - kit, piano and microphones, some candle racks are hung on the wall. It just turns on a yellow light limited about space and sound which always makes cover a dim space, the menu bar is written by hand of each one here, though any beverages also cost 100.000 VND. But all that did not stop people coming to cafe, beacause it is curious or maybe it is a passion, love this cafe.

Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

Special Rules of Cung To Chieu cafe

The most special thing is the rules of this coffee, "To keep the space is quiet for those who prefer the gentle, quiet, please please talk more silent than the sound of music and no talking on the phone in cafe shop. Located on the hill, the road to cafe is dark, and wish you do not say out loud ". This is the unique rules of this land in Dalat.

Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

Ms. Giang was singing for guests.

The boss of Cung To Chieu coffee is Ms. Giang, she sings not well but she knows to sing a lot of songs by composers like Trinh Cong Son, Doan Chuan, Pham Duy, Tran Thien Thanh ... her music program has started at 8:30 p.m, she sings not micro, her voice is very inspiring, bringing regret in the hearts of listeners. She sings, people sing along or respond. In conclusion, cafe is very strange and has somewhat very  murky. There will be two types of visitors to this: one is going to here every day, and the two will never come back, that is one of "four crazy" of Da Lat.

Cung To Chieu - Trinh Musician Café

Ms.Giang chats with guests

Romantic people called "Cung To Chieu" as "crazy coffee" that is not wrong. Ms. Xuan Giang is called " crazy Giang" by her friends and patrons because her musical style is unlike anyone. How she chat with everyone very strong, but also the hidden deep inside that is her beautiful charm.

In the dim light and cold weather of Dalat, they listen to her singing and guitar that so enchanted. A cozy atmosphere, the guests gathered around female boss is also the lead singer of the night, just like quiet space drifts away until the cafe closes.

The picture of a woman let her hair down with hugging guitar, her voice boss from ten years until now is the "specialty" of the coffee shop does not own but also the charm of Dalat.