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Dalat Specialties - Should never miss when visiting Dalat

Dalat Specialties - Should never miss when visiting Dalat

Dalat has long been famous for imposing mountains, romantic valley in fog, but Dalat specialties also make up the reputation of this beauty.

Dalat has long had a good reputation for agricultural specialties such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, wine, etc. that are indispensable in a journey of tourists. Many visitors come to Dalat are attracted by these agricutural products, because not only of theirs delicious and fresh taste, but also of sightseeing activity right at gardens growing them.

Agricultural specialties in Dalat are multi-typed, colorful and full of nutriment. With reasonable prices but high-quality, Dalat special products will be nice presents for relatives and friends.

1. Dalat Flowers: 

Being famous as the land of thousands of flowers, Dalat owns various kinds of splendid flower, including peach blossoms, roses, mimosa, orchids, purple famboyant, wild sunflower, hydrangea flower and many other types.

Dalat peach blossom

Dalat roses

Purple Flamboyant

Flowers in Dalat often bloom in different seasons. For example, in the spring, peach blossom appears vividly, and then the summer is the ideal season for sunflower and wild sunflower to multiply. However, other types of flower are grown around year thanks to new planting technology.  

Sunflower field in Dalat

Dalat orchids

Dalat Hydrangea

Wild Sunflower (Da Quy)

The colorful splendor of Dalat flowers creates wonderful scenery for taking pictures. Many youngers, couples come to Dalat just in order to hunt pretty photos of flowers here. 

2. Dalat Vegetables and Fruits

Dalat vegetables and fruits are also particular things in Dalat city. Thanks to the cool and mild climate, vegetables and fruits in Dalat are really fresh, clean and diversified. These are essential food in every meals of each family, especially of Dalat local people. Most of tourists visiting Dalat always try to buy some vegetables and fruits as gift for their friends and family. 

Dalat vegetables

Vegetable shop at Dalat market

Among lots of different vegetables and fruits in Dalat, strawberries and artichokes seem to be symbols making up the reputation of Dalat city. Both Vietnamese people and foreigners prefer them. They can be used not only to make food but also to make tea, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Dalat Artichokes

Strawberry garden in Dalat

Recently, there have been the appearance of new plants which are useful for health and have function of preventing serious diseases like black tomatoes, pepino melon, et. Moreover, some organic farms with unique kind of vegetables such as giant pumpkin supply more choice for consumers.  

Black Tomatoes in Dalat

Giant Pumpkin in a farm in Dalat

Besides, Dalat also has persimmon - a traditional fruit of Dalat city. Ripe persimmons are so sweet, so soft and so yummy. They are just in the autumn, so in other seasons, people can try dried persimmons as delicious as fresh ones.

3. Dalat Jams

Beside the variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables, jam is also a good choice for visitors. With many establishments having long time produced jams and lots of shops selling jams, Dalat seems to be a Kingdom of fruit-jams. From fresh fruits like plum, persimmon, strawberry, ginger, or some agricutural products such as potato, tomato, carrot, bean, etc., local farmers make up new products by drying, or boiling down them with sugar.  

Dried persimmons



Dalat jams

Dalat mixed dried fruits

These are just an aspect when reviewing Dalat city. Let's discover it yourself to have more interesting experiences. 

Source and photos: collected