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Datanla - The most stunning waterfall in Dalat

Datanla - The most stunning waterfall in Dalat

Being considered as the most beautiful waterfall in Dalat, Lam Dong province, Datanla is a natural tourist attraction with lots of interesting activities.

10km and 8km away from Dalat center and Prenn waterfall respectively, Datanla waterfall is an enormous fall with the imposing view and powerful water. Not only famous as its beauty, it is also well-known because of its historical legend for ages. This is the story of K'Ho people (the initial residents) telling about the Datanla's origin. At first, it was called 'Da Tam N’nha’  that means 'under leaves is water", then was pronounced to 'Datania' and later changed into the oficial name 'Datanla' until now. The name 'under leaves is water' was derived from the belief of native people that there were fairies often coming to the stream hidden under leaves and taking a bath. K'Ho eople believe that this fall is a sacred area that Mother of Nature had given them as a gift.

Datanla Waterfall

Datanla stream

Datanla has been invested to become a natural tourist attraction with some water and adventure activities, attracting lots of visitors. Coming to Datanla waterfall, tourists have chances to enjoy some water sporty activities like whitewater rafting, canyoning; some adventurous activities such as high rope course or roller coaster. Visitors can also take a cable car or elevator right in the forest to excurse and sightsee the nice scenery here. 

Beautiful view

Whitewater rafting at Datanla Waterfall

Canyoning at Datanla

Cable Car in Datanla

Tourists also have chances to go camping in Datanla campsite or take a trek walking deeply into the jungle, among the cliffs and hidden caves to explore this fall...

Roller Coaster

Elevator in the forest

Although the stream flow is not too strong to cause you lots of dangers, but here there is still some warning areas. It is a good idea to be careful despite of the enjoyment and excitement when joining these activities. Safety always make the journey perfect.

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