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Elephant Mountain in Dalat - Mountain of Legends

Elephant Mountain in Dalat - Mountain of Legends

By Langbian Mountain, tourists also often mention Elephant when referring to Dalat city. It's not as high as Langbian, but famous for some mysterious legends.

With the height of 1,756m above sea level, Elephant Mountain is located beside Langbiang Mountain, in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district, belongs Dalat city, Lam Dong province. In distance, this mountain looks like two giant elephants with the cool climate and breathtaking scenery. That is the reason why it attracts lots of attention from tourists. 

The mountain looks like giant elephants

Being famous for some legends, one of them told by Lach people is the love story of Lang and Biang. Lang - Lach people's chieftain - is a weathy, intelligent and kind man. He was good at conquering wild animals, and once he conquered two elephants being from La Ngu Ha region. Then he convinced these elephants to return home and not to disturb other regions anymore.


Elephant mountain from farther view

Few years later, he saved Ms. Biang - daughter of Sre ethnic's chieftain - from dangers. Then they fell in love, which made many people, especially residents in La Ngu Thuong land, glad of their love. All of people were waiting for a happy wedding of this couple. However, due to different tribes, they could not get married. Therefore, in order to stay together, they climbed to the mountain top and sat there side by side until being dead. When the two elephants from La Ngu Ha area knew about the death of the couple, they were extremely sorrowful and came to the funeral of Lang and Biang. Unfortunately, on the way, they got exhausted and died near Ba Thao mountain. Later then, their dead body turned into two mountains.


Elephant waterfall

That is one of legends about Elephant mountain. In Elephant Mountain, there is a powerful water fall, which makes the scenery and the landscape here becomes more imposing and stunning. Moreover, it is an ideal place for outdoor tourist activities such as trekking, hiking, camping, etc. 

Discovery about Elephant Waterfall

Otherwise, at the foot of the mountain, there is residence of ethnic group, where tourists can learn more about history, cultures and customs of local people in Dalat. This would be a great destination. 

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