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Green Box - Clean Agricultural Coffee Shop

Green Box - Clean Agricultural Coffee Shop

Green Box is the coffee shop using fresh vegetables and fruits in organic farm as main ingredients for beverage, so it is really ideal for health.

This is the first coffee shop using clean and fresh agricutural products for drinks in Dalat, with large space and nice decoration. 

All the ingredients are grown based on organic standard and are 100% clean without pesticide or chemical fertilizer. The guests can directly see the organic farm behind the coffee shop.

If coffee is not your favorite, you can try other drinks such as chocolate, smoothies, or fruit juices, etc.

Smoothies made by Green Box have no sugar, no ice and no extra condiments. All the ingredients completely keep theirs natural taste.  

Due to the reliable source of ingredients and all the vegetables are grown in the farm behind coffee shop, the guests don't have to worry about the food safety. It is good for health.

Besides, the customers are able to visit the hydraponic growing system in the garden at the shop, where there are lots of clean vegetables that the customers can buy. 

Rau sạch có mỗi ngày giá siêu tốt, các bạn ở Đà Lạt có thể đến tận nơi để xem và tự tay chọn mua nhe.

New Zealand Strawberry: 24 spieces/box.

Open - Close time: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Address: 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, ward 7, Dalat city.

Source: Facebook Green Box