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Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagers

Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagers

Inside the warm furnace, together enjoy aromatic coffee cup egg attractive, it is feeling Hana restaurant-coffee gives us eggs, affectionate and attractive.

Come to the land of dreams, everything sunk in fanciful, from landscapes, people to these services are mixed a little bit of placidity, quietness but distinct brings a personal touch not own a beauty where there is.

Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagersHana - eggs coffee, a name has been gradually gained the love of the young people here, the restaurant has a new style, unusual in that more eggs in coffee is the first time appeared in this beautiful mountainous city.

Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagers

Hana - coffee eggs

Shop should be hard to find a bit of sight for the first time you go, just ran off ramps Truong Cong Dinh, slow down little bit is going to see, in the address- 98 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ward 1, Da Lat. Hana cafe is open at 7 am and closes at 22h pm so feel free to visit the shop to enjoy.
The space shop is not large but it is extremely beautiful, the whole chair and desk are white, the walls are decorated by wooden frames, is unique because it does not hang straight but not under a suspension tilting principles certain.

Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagersCoffee cup egg

The shop has an extremely attractive coffee that egg, a strange sounding name but also strange presentation. To make a cup of coffee so requires three main raw materials: pure coffee, eggs (chicken eggs, it is a new fragrance and many vitamins), the oven used to heat coffee cups egg . In addition to coffee drinks you can enjoy cake Su, inside the cake with a delicious creamy layer, the bar also offer home delivery cake for guests.

Hana - eggs coffee, rendezvous teenagers

Coffee egg is heated by the oven

This is the image of a cup of coffee eggs are being heated before enjoying, coffee is not fishy odor eggs yet fragrant, the aroma of coffee with eggs create a real taste tasty coffee.
Many other drinks are also equally attractive as ice cream, yogurt Smoothy, soda, tea, milk ... owner and staff here are very enthusiastic, gentle and hospitable again, each time visit shop, the feeling is very comfortable and pleasant.
For many young people, this is considered as a rendezvous together chatting, drinking coffee next to a hot stove. The atmosphere was chilly makes you love Hana much more, love coffee flavor characteristics of egg cafe in Dalat.