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Hostels and Homestay just from $3/night in Dalat

Hostels and Homestay just from $3/night in Dalat

Today, hostel and homestay are becoming the new trend of accomodation types in Dalat. Let's review with us the hottest hotels having cheap prices in Dalat


Dalat80s.My Home - The name says everything about this hostel. You can come and directly experience all things here. First, this is French architecture style, combining vintage Western style with old Asian style in decoration, which brings new feeling for the guests. My Home does not lack of the friendliness and the closeness for the guests so that they will get the home-liked feeling.  

It has quite a lot of dorm-rooms for your options. Each room has different decoration with cute and funny names like Meow Meow, Un In, Gau Gau Gau, O O O…  There are also private rooms with nice views overlooking the city, gardens or the large hill for small groups who want to have personal space.

The Green Space at My Home

Address: Ngo Quyen - Bach Đang Street, Ward 6, Dalat.


Ngo Dau Homestay is a new one in many homestays in Dalat, but it creates good impression into lots of visitors. Decoration is designed in a fussy but disordered way, which owns a distinguished artist beauty with bamboo, wooden and recycling furnitures.  

Peaceful with natural space.

With the price of over $5/person, it just has dorm-rooms with private bed-frame, in order to still ensure your personal property. Additionally, in Ngo Dau, you are free to use kitchen and general living room. The whole ancient space is for you.

Address: Hàn Thuyên bridge, Ward 5, Dalat.


Situated in the end of Hoang Hoa Tham Street, The Wee Home is seperated from the noisy city center and hidden in the middle of valley. This makes many guests feel pleasant because of the comfortableness and freedom. The simple-decorated Wee Home owns a vintage style, not too luxury but warm and nice like your own home.  

A small yard.

In The Wee Home, you can freely make connection with the others, meeting new friends when gathering around cooking fire, making BBQ parties and talking togerther. Or you can sink in the quiet morning, drink a cup of tea or coffee, read a book and enjoy peaceful atmosphere in a city of flowers.

Price of dorm-rooms: over $3/person but the bed is quite wide

Price of private rooms: over $6/person

The verenda

Peacful space

Địa chỉ: 17 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, warrd 10, Dalat.


Tigon Dalat Hostel may be suitable for those who like free and cheap travel, because the room rate here is really cheap. Only $3 for both dorm and private rooms. Despite of cheap price, it still has enough convenient facilities and rooms are clean, tidy with good-looking decoration.

 The nice attic

Tigon Dalat Hostel has a lovely attic, a small pub overlooking the entire city and it is near Dalat market, behind Linh Son Pagoda. Especially here in each dorm-bed, there is a small window to look outside. 

Address: 1A Thong Thien Hoc, Ward 2, Dalat


Way to P.H.O.N.G

Located in the city center, this is a quite new homestay in Dalat with extremely cheap price, just from $3/person for dorm-rooms and $10/person for nice private rooms. This homestay with simple decoration and a small handmade leather-thing making area will be a relaxing place for you. Also, there is motorbike rental service and other interesting things here. Let's discover it. 


Địa chỉ: 124 To Ngoc Van, Ward 1, Dalat

Source: Hoa Cat - Mytour.vn