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Tre's House - Dalat homestay extreme attachment of traveller

Tre's House - Dalat homestay extreme attachment of traveller

Did you ever think you would be in an old house, carrying slightly 70s yet? The house that formerly parents, your grandparents may have lived in?

Back and forth for several months, Dalat found new homes springing up to "example" of tourists. What fascinated beautiful, well liked in, photography is super cute!

Dalat said small but not small, said large but not large. Especially with a man "addicted" to wander, midnight is possible inspiration right handbag backpack with a couple of outfits that can stay on it weekly satisfied just to be sad with nothing to do. This situation happened dozens times a year for me is too normal. Leave and back as though naturally duties. Therefore gradually Dalat becomes "tiny" for me. Each new dish, new playing areas, each stem cherries scattered across the slope and angle of the mountain is also almost too familiar.

One of my favorite spaces is a small opencast garden located in the middle of the living room. This green space is also contributing to increase natural vitality for Tre.

Because of that, I started to become choosy in looking for a place to live. Especially exactly one year ago, when I happened to be people you refer to Lu Tan - a form of property. Well no, it's more accurate to say like a homestay with a separate space, beautiful and luxurious, I had no interest in the high-end hotels or cheap hostel ancient affordable. Since only hotel forms such as Lu Tan homestay style, new to me was the feeling of intimacy, creativity and freedom to friendly. It's a feeling that you will not be able to find in any other luxury hotel with all the luxuries, gorgeous, though the quality has reached the standard, but only saw "cold" and a stranger on where it exists around us.

Everything in Tre was used from recycled items.

So now, every time to Dalat, one is Lu Tan, two are camping, three is ... to find a new place to enjoy.

And then a few days ago, during the secret seemed to stay out of space, I came across a "paradise" is no less than my favorite Lu Tan that's Tre's House.

Small living room, where Tre hotel landscape each time you visit.

Visit Tre's House is a bit hasty with his short few instructions and the "laging words" of a friend can not describe you that "just go all the way Vo Truong Toan, it will have". Yet I struck out in all 5 rounds Vo Truong Toan Street, but still do not see where there is ... Tre. No way left, I called for support of management and to welcome him at the corner of the crossroads. Turns out Tre is tucked in the corner, in front of a dry bushes and covering old names and some addresses sign. No wonder "hanging about" but I cann’t find it

But the more difficult to find, as shown an expression of "mysterious" the more I liked it!

Welcome to "House of Bamboo"

But when just set foot in the room, I stood stiffened about a few seconds because not think this is a hotel. How to properly say it? Feeling crestfallen, like strange the first time that I set foot on that Lu Tan. However, what gives me that Tre is like is step into a museum of art that, with four surface around are antiques, antique cabinets, old tables, the chairs are still still smelling of wood, ...

Well, all the old furniture recycling and mostly wooden and bamboo. Especially having no same stuff, so everything is collecting the item as a unique and incomparable, and yet, thanks to the layout and arrangement accidentally observant that everything in the room are beautiful, especially exudes both to great artistry.

This room can contain from 2 to 3 people. You need to look each room is a completely different layout.

Tre has a total of 3 rooms, each room in is from 2 to 3 people. Because it uses all the old items, so each bed, mirror, bookcase or desk in each room are also exudes beauty and a unique style. Especially you ever thought of having a garden set in your bathroom yet? Yet in Tre you can!

But before coming here, I have references and to be sure to bamboo in Dorm beds will be more fun. By Dorm are you just hire yourself a bed to lie back every evening, every space as the living room, toilet, ... you can share with everyone. It is suitable for those who do not often stay in the room and wants maximum savings possible for the journey.

Room full of "dreaming" This is the Dorm - where you can rent a bed to lay back.

And at the Tre Dorm was a very different feeling. Only about 10 beds, but everything is very reasonably arranged inside a wooden room. Every bed has a curtain separating yourself if you want to have a private space. Especially located here, the day you can see a clear blue sky, natural light flooding the room by floor roofs from corrugated iron sheets throughout and lots of open space if you like.

Price only 150,000 / bed, but make sure you still get an extremely ideal space to relax and take a picture spoiled in every corner at Tre.

Inside a bathroom of Tre

When was the guest of Tre, whether you rent Dorm or rooms can then use this kitchen freely

Share area Guest Dorm cleanser.

And one thing that I think is only activated in Tre's House that is Tre has a beautiful garden, like a farm in the Europe sky just behind Tre. And it is where the straw yellow dust was curled neatly placed next to the green vegetable plots which are a source of inspiration for many young people, and visitors staying at Tre have fascinated and create incredibly photo technology. Moreover, a lot of artists also held its music program at Tre’s Farm.

A beautiful garden with green cabbage beds and mounds of straw stacked like farm somewhere in the sky Europe.

In the evening you can make a fire, barbecue and play, sing here.

Address: 149A Vo Truong Toan st, Da Lat

Room rates: 400000-500000 / room

Single Bed Price: 150,000 / bed

Because of the very few bed and room in Tre's House, so you should remember to call in advance to schedule a few weeks to get the right room with the plan of yourselves!