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Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

As one of the two largest monasteries in Dalat, Van Hanh Monastery with a long history is seen as a place of purity in the heart of the

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat is located at 39 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Ward 8, Da Lat city. This monastery monks attracted around on learning is also an attractions, attracts many tourists. The monastery is located on height, so visitors can see the entire city of Dalat when coming here.

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

Historical building the monastery:

1952: Construction Recitation Dongcheng Street.

1957: Van Hanh Switch Mould Association.

1964: Switch to Van Hanh Temple - Building brick wall 9m6 hall roofs.

1980: Congress appointed Buddhist Thich Vien Thanh Van Hanh pagoda residence.

1983: Construction forecourt roof 4m x 20m.

1991: Construction Dragon sacred scene manifested Avalokitesvara.

1992: Van Hanh Temple Rename the Van Hanh Zen Monastery.

1994: building stone laying ceremony of the Van Hanh Zen Monastery (on lunar 10/11 and solar calender day is the day 12/12/1994).

2002: On 2/2 building stone laying ceremony Statue Shakyamuni Buddha. Mold statue made of cement and concrete, 24 meters high and weighs over 60 tons. Under the lotus is a fake flame paint, inside a cave enshrined image is the patriarch of meditation. This work by the Venerable Thich Vien Thanh designer and artisan Thuy Lam performed with a total cost of 1 billion 300 million.

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

Excellent point here is probably the statue of Sakyamuni Listed outdoor Tieu Vi States. Works by Thich Vien Thanh directing designers and sculptors Thuy Lam made. 24m tall, 20m wide, right hand holding lotus petals, this particular image in Zen called "smiling and holding flowers".

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

According scriptures recording: Once at the Linh Thuu, When the Buddha raise a lotus up, the entire congregation are silent and bewildered look, only Kasyapa smiled. Buddha then said: "We have the eye of the Dharma, profound mind of Nirvana, Food Minister of Signless, wordless magic, from now on I have to give to Mahakasyapa".

Former lotus petals Mount Vulture ago on two thousand five hundred and five years, again so vividly portrayed in Da Lat City in the Van Hanh Zen Monastery campus. This is not only a sanctuary for monks and nuns, Buddhist pilgrims to worship pilgrims but also is considered one of the unique cultural expression peculiar architecture of Buddhism.

Van Hanh Monastery Dalat

Sanctum of Van Hanh Monastery

Hall was decorated solemnly. Middle enshrine Shakyamuni Buddha statue with sputtering Mekong waterway. This is also a cachet unmatched in decorative Pagoda Buddhist shrines in the country. In electrical Buddha statue placed Maitreya Bodhisattva, Manjushri, the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, Bodhisattva Standard Recommended, Patriarch Dat Ma ...


Every year, the monastery welcomed a huge number of visitors pilgrims worship and visit the monastery, pray for good luck and peace will come to everyone. This is not just a place to show solemn professor, but also a place pure expression of its own architectural characteristics of Buddhism.