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About Us

If you love nature and want to conquer the high and dangerous cliffs and want to leave the noise of the city, this will be a great choice for you. An adventure tour with high risk level will bring you all emotions from excitement to extreme fear, from anxiety to extreme pleasure.

  • New experience, adventure, challenges.
  • A chance to improve your health and spirit.
  • Youthful, enthusiastic and professional guides.

Tour program

Day 1: Discover the cliffs

During your trip to Datanla, you will have an adventure including climbing up the cliffs, swimming, rafting, climbing down the waterfalls and jumping off the falls, in which climbing down the falls is the best unique. You must need some special skills for climbing down the falls but it is not too hard. Hopefully this conquest of waterfall helps you finding out how to climb to the top of the falls and move down safely. In addition, you will learn the basic skills to remove the knots, the basic techniques of climbing down as well as the necessary equipments for adventure tours.

You face to the first challenge, dry cliff 16m high and upright. After this challenge, you will cross through the tropical jungle along streams full of rocks covered with green moss and then get to the first water wall.

This is fun and exciting activity, you will initially feel worried but our guides will help you to relax and enjoy the maximum pleasure that nature brings.

Leaving that wall behind in order to continue the journey with new challenges awaiting us: the Sky Waterfall, the Jump Wall and the Washing Machine Wall.

Sky falls 25 meters high, cascading down from the top. In this wall you will really be pushed into the limits of yourself and forced to overcome it if you want to have a complete joy. Not only stopping there, we will continue to the next brainstorm with the 11m wall, do not hesitate to throw yourself into the air and enjoying this very interesting feeling.

At this time, you seem to be out of energy but there is still a final challenge on the Washing Machine Waterfall to complete the journey. This is the most powerful challenge when water will whirl around and submerge you in 7 seconds and push you out of the canyon after you run out of energy. This moment is when you feel like nothing can challenge you more in your life.

Finishing the first day of the trip, hope you feel really satisfied with the challenges that our company brings you.

Night 1:

After finishing the cliff conquest and being full of interesting experiences, we will start preparing everything for an overnight at the lake. You will be able to prepare an informal dinner outdoors, setting up the tent,  campfire, fishing and making delicious barbecue skewers.

As everyone finish these preparation, the night falls down and all people gather around the campfire in the cold weather, enjoy a small BBQ party, sip some rice wine, eat gruel and tell each other about life.

Day 2: Camping by the lake.

If you are too tired of a noisy and busy life and want to enjoy the sense of nature somewhere in the mountains that have a blue lake and a picturesque scenery, we are ready to meet your requirement in the best tour "Stopping at paradise".

12km away from the city center, starting at a small village with beautiful flowers fields, you will pass through vast pine forests that change from broadleaf to coniferous, and start climbing Samson Mountain - one of the most beautiful scenery for photographing in Da Lat. Here, you can see the lovely scenery of the whole Dalat city and surrounding areas, and you will be even more surprised with the majestic scenery of Mt. Langbiang.

Another greater thing about your trekking is that you will pass through the rich and varied flora and fauna, especially with over 100 years old trees, deer and other animals living around the forest.

After lunch, continuing on the trail, we will get closer to the "paradise" lake, where you can swim, enjoy a cup of coffee by the lake or ride an elephant if you like.

After comfortable relaxation by the lake, you will visit a small farm, where there is an Artichoke field (the only one in Da Lat), or a strawberry garden where you are welcomed by the friendliness of owner. On the way back, we will visit Truc Lam Monastery known as one of the three largest monasteries in Vietnam.

An ideal tour suitable for everyone in all ages. Do not hesitant to call us and book a tour of Dalat Youth Travel Service.


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