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About Us

Being viewed from a high point of view, Dalat is truly attractively beautiful as a picture which is woven with valleys of flowers, or architectural villas with bright red roofs and imposing cascades hidden in vast pine forest. If you want to leave the noise and hot weather of a big city and enjoy fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, Dalat is a great choice for you.


  • Visit all the beautifully well-known sights in Dalat city.
  • Tour is designed based on special features and quality of the attractions, not on the cheap prices of tickets.
  • Able to add more or lessen or omit some of places, up to visitors.
  • Professional, enthusiastic and funny guides.

Tour program

Day 1: Religion and Architecture ( lunch and dinner)

7.30 a.m.: Youth Dalat Travel will pick you up at your hotel and depart to visit below destinations:

Crazy House: The most unique tourist attraction in Da Lat with the strange architectural style designed by the architect Dang Viet Nga. Being 1 of the 10 most marvellously strange architectures in the world, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Bao Dai Palace III: This property is most completely preserved of the three palaces of King Nguyen in Da Lat. It was built with the aim as a summer palace for the family of the Queen Nam Phuong and also as a main workplace of King Bao Dai.

Truc Lam Monastery and Tuyen Lam Lake: This is the pagoda that represents the Buddhist spirituality of Zen Buddhism. The large campus arranges many flower areas, ornamental plants and sculpture. It is situated on Phuong Hoang Mountain, beside romantic Tuyen Lam Lake.

Datanla Waterfall: Datanla Waterfall is a tourist spot in Dalat which is famous for imposing wonders and abundant space. It is concentratedly invested in order to serve tourists on the journey visiting this city of flowers. Coming to the Datanla waterfall, visitors will get funny and memorable moments during their journey.

Dalat Railway StationThis is the railway station in Vietnam which has many "the most" such as: most acient, most beautiful, most unique in architecture style. Here you can buy tickets and continue your journey by train or by car to visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda. 

Linh Phuoc Pagoda: Away from city center about 9 km to the north-east, this temple has a very unique structure and most of the bulidings are covered with porcelain vases. At the same time, you can also contemplate the statue Thich Minh Duc made of wax.

Day 2: Dalat flowers and other tourist attractions  (breakfast and lunch)

In the second day, Youth Dalat Travel will take you to discover the beauty of flower city and tourist attractions below:

City Flower Park: A place should not be missed when coming to Da Lat. The park is growing, preserving and displaying over 300 different kinds of flowers in 7000 square meters.

Dalat Flower ForestThere is the largest flower showroom in Vietnam here. Dozens of flowers and leaves are dried and preserved by Japanese technology, able to be kept from 3 to 5 years. Multicolored dried flowers are displayed by artists in creative and impressive styles, or "transform" into cute and lovely dolls of flowers. The paintings of lively Dalat scenery "painted" with dried flowers will catch the visitors' eyes.

Biological Institute: This is the place where animals and plants are kept. It helps propagating the awareness of environment protection as well as ecosystems preservation to people.

Golden ValleyGolden Valley does not have a monumental appearance, but it create impression into visitor's heart because of applying art to design and making use of surrounding sights based on the Eastern philosophy. These make the whole landscape look like a lively natural scenery painting.

Van Thanh Flower Village: Being one of the four largest flower villages in Dalat. Here you will have opportunity to see many flowers blooming in the garden as well as to learn the techniques of growing flowers of Van Thanh farmers.

In the itinerary of the second day, there is another attraction - Dream Hill which has been famous for ages and many people often mention it when referring to Dalat. If you want to replace or add it to the destinations, please pay an extra entrance fee 40000VND/person.


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